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Analytics, technology and innovation are powerful disruptors to “science” our way out of societal challenges such as: global warming, inequalities, unemployment or the “über-concentration” of capital. Today’s workforce needs the latest knowledge, skills and abilities to lead this change and and shape the world of tomorrow.

About the author

Yvon Dalat
Global Learning & Performance Development Executive
Innovator, Change Agent, Certified Program Leader

Yvon’s main achievements include the transformation and expansion of large-scale programs in Europe, Asia and North-America. He is the recipient of Raytheon CEO award, 2 President awards and 7 industry awards from Brandon-Hall, HRO Today and HCM CLO Magazine.

Yvon is a member of Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board and serves as a Judge for LearningElite awards. Yvon speaks 4 languages and has resided in the U.K., Switzerland, France, Germany and, since 2007, in the U.S..