The Learning Sweetspot Yvon Dalat Feb 2016

Notes about the chart:

There is a lot of “wiggle room” in the definition of terms and their respective placement in the four quadrants. Highly interactive Web-Based-Training (WBT) courses can include simulations and would be placed in the top-right quadrant, simulations can be high-fidelity and expensive, or light-weight and more affordable. When building the graph, I used as a compromise generally-accepted definitions that can be found in Wikipedia and commonly used practices for the various learning modalities. What was determining was their relative placement against other media.

Like-wise, the arrow of effectiveness and efficiency are indicative of the respective value of each media. It does not mean that WBT are less effective or coaching always the most expensive media. Blended coaching approaches can be very cost effective and WBT can be very effective to transfer knowledge, theories and models. In the end, it is about selecting the right media to ensure the transfer of a particular learning objective.

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