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Call it pervasive or continuous learning; informal or social learning; virtual, experience-based learning or simulation, game-based leaning. No matter where we look in the learning industry, we find webinars, white papers, conferences and case studies describing the transformation of the learning function in the new Knowledge Economy.
Ultimately, all work is learning; what matters is for learning to drive the organization’s performance by equipping our workforce with the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to perform in their jobs:

  •  How do we transform learning to become a strategic enabler of our business strategies?
  •  How do we evolve L&D from a learning factory delivering cost-efficient mandatory programs to become an incubator of new talents, best prepared to perform in a new globalized economy?

This is what the next 20 “Must Complete” initiatives are about: alignment, focus on performance and critical jobs, listening to and engaging today’s workforce in a brand new “learning culture”. Pick & Choose the most appropriate ones for your organization. At the end of the year, if you can check off most of them as completed, you will have a great 2016!

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